Special Investigation Services



Claim Investigation

Hettrick, Cyr & Associates, Inc. Special Investigations Unit is staffed by professional Insurance Fraud Certified (IFC) investigators who focus on the specific task of determining whether or not a fraudulent claim exists. We provide clients with professional and ethically sound investigations in a clear and concise format which enables our clients to make informed decisions with regards to managing a claim. Investigation reports are transmitted electronically along with photo's, and streaming video. Comprehensive updates are provided to clients daily via email. Our claims investigations have assisted clients successfully mitigate thousands of claims, resulting in significant savings for our clients.

  • Workers' Compensation Investigation and Surveillance
  • There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our workers' compensation investigations document suspected fraud utilizing professional video equipment to ensure quality evidence. Our video documentation is backed by a comprehensive written report which accompanies all HC&A investigations.

  • Liability Investigation and Surveillance
  • From motor vehicle accidents to slips and falls, HC&A's post injury activity checks and video documentation have had a significant impact in claim settlements both before and during trial proceedings.

  • Disability Investigation and Surveillance
  • Like workers' compensation and liability fraud, HC&A's video documentation of disability claims has revealed hundreds of hours of activity inconsistent with a claim.


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