Safety Consulting

Team Approach

Let Hettrick, Cyr & Associates join your team to improve workplace safety and reduce workers' compensation costs through proven and effective risk management and Loss Control Services. We will work with you to assure that the commitment to a safer workplace is shared by employees from top to bottom and is clearly evident in all daily activities.

Proactive Process

Businesses and organizations face unprecedented challenges in managing losses and complying with federal and state regulations. Failure to do so can high high bottom line consequences. Hettrick, Cyr & Associates will quickly and strategically address current issues and develop a risk control program, personalized to your needs, that goes far beyond the typical "hit and run" Loss Control Services.

Flexible & In-depth

Hettrick, Cyr & Associates offers the range and flexibility to tailor a program to meet your needs with a cost-effective approach that suits your budget. We will identify a set of problems and their root causes, analyze the breakdowns and clearly outline a remedy that gets your business back on track.

Uniquely Experienced

The professionals at Hettrick, Cyr & Associates have all demonstrated a successful safety management track record in private industry prior to joining the firm. Our hands-on consultants bring an experienced perspective to bear when working with your internal team that is far beyond other Loss Control Services.

Measurable Results

Why continue to spend precious revenue covering the cost of losses? Let Hettrick, Cyr & Associates, show your organization how to use effective risk management and loss control to step up productivity, product quality, and employee morale while decreasing operating costs, lost work days, workers' compensation costs and OSHA recordable incidents.


Hettrick, Cyr & Associates offers a complete range of Loss Control Services - experienced enough to understand your industry; flexible enough to meet your company's needs; effective enough to positively impact your bottom line. 

Safety Management

  • Comprehensive Safety & Risk Management Program Audit
  • Comprehensive Safety & Risk Management Program Design
  • Development of Organizational Safety Structures
  • Design of Safety Policies and Statements
  • Employee Safety Awareness Program Development
  • Train the Trainer programs

Injury Management

  • Supervisory Accident Investigation Training
  • Temporary Alternative Work Program Development
  • Injury Review Process
  • Medical Treatment Procedure & Provider Recommendations
  • Fraudulent Claims Analysis
  • Physical & Drug Screen Recommendations
  • Work Assessment Recommendations
  • Claims/Medical Management System
  • Proactive Open Claim Action Planning

OSHA Compliance

  • Simulated OSHA Inspections-Facilities Records, Programs
  • Required Employee Training
  • Certified Hazard Assessments
  • OSHA Record Keeping Review & Training
  • Total OSHA Compliance Services

Safety & Insurance Measurement/Tracking

  • NCCI Experience Modification Factor 
  • Auditing
  • Design of In-House Safety Performance Measurement System

Accident Prevention

  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Job Specific Training
  • Job Related Safety & OSHA Compliance
  • Safety Committee Development
  • Root Accident Cause Review
  • Job Physical Demand Profiles
  • Corrective Action Planning
  • Safety Rules & Enforcement Development
  • Industry Specific Back Safety School
  • Ergonomics Evaluation & Design
  • Design of Facility Inspection Teams
  • Insurance Inspections & Audits
  • Job Safety Observation Training for Supervisors
  • Safety Awards & Incentives Program Development
  • New Employee Screening Parameters
  • New Employee Safety Orientations & Training
  • Vehicle Accident Review
  • Safe Driving Programs

Other Services

  • Emergency, Disaster & Fire Prevention Plans
  • Industrial Hygiene Services & Testing
  • Property Inspections
  • DOT Audits



Safety & Risk Control

Safety & Risk Control

In order to test OSHA compliance and be fully prepared for OSHA inspections, simulated (mock) OSHA inspections should be conducted periodically. These...