Since 1994.

Hettrick, Cyr & Associates has been in the business of providing expert safety and risk control services to a variety of clients and industries nationwide and has grown alongside the complexities of the ever evolving working environment.  We believe in a customer-centric, hands on approach to all of our projects and strive to truly become partners with each client.   Over the years we have developed expertise and served in many different industries. 

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•    Construction
•    Roofing
•    Manufacturing
•    Warehousing
•    Casino / Gaming
•    Trucking / Transportation
•    Beverage Distribution

Just as every keyhole requires a different key, so to are the solutions required by each customer.  We have developed a staggering variety of services over the years and have developed a subset of flagship deliverables that have provided results time and time again.

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•    Random and Scheduled Field Audits and Inspections
•    Employee Training
•    Temporary Safety Staffing (General Industry / Construction)
•    Specific and Customized Safety Program Development (General Industry / Construction)
•    Contractor Prequalification
•    OSHA Citation Assistance
•    Mock Regulatory Compliance Audits
•    Transportation/DOT Compliance
•    Industrial Hygiene Testing (Air, Noise)


FMLA Investigations

Learn about the different types of FMLA fraud that can occur, and what an Employer can do.



Fleet Safety

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Roofing Contractor Safety



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