Asbestos Courses


Asbestos Class II Roofing Work – 8 Hour Course

Includes the removal of asbestos containing, siding, roofing, or transite panels. Employees must be trained prior to or at initial assignment and at least annually thereafter. Participants will be educated to identify ACRM in their work areas, proper control measures to protect themselves and the sufficient means of protections available to them. The topics covered over this course entail:

•    Recognizing asbestos hazards
•    The health risks associated with asbestos exposure and the relationship between smoking & asbestos in causing lung cancer
•    Protective controls to reduce exposures
•    Proper fit and use of respirators
•    Medical surveillance requirements
•    Posting signs and labels
•    The content of OSHA’s asbestos standard
•    Intact vs. nonintact materials
•    Appropriate work practices

Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training Course

This asbestos awareness training course is tailored to serve as a refresher for those performing Class II Roofing Asbestos Abatement Work, as well as, employees working on incidental non-friable ACRM.

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