Radio Frequency Hazards

Radio frequency transmitters are becoming more common on commercial roof sites, especially hospitals, high rise buildings, and relatively tall buildings in areas that are mostly flat.  Many companies can have multiple transmitters on one building.  The FCC does not state which company is required to ensure that the site is below the exposure limits, and therefore the responsibility often falls on the building owner and the contractor completing work to ensure employees are kept safe.

What is an RF Site Assessment?
An RF site assessment is a scientific approach to measure the exposure to electromagnetic energy.  

Why Should Electromagnetic Energy be a Concern?
Depending on the proximity to the transmitters, Electromagnetic Energy has the ability to heat the internal organs of the body.  Radio Frequency emits non-ionizing radiation.  Studies are present that link non-ionizing radiation to headaches, fatigue, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, as well as cancer.  You should also understand that it is possible to work around RF transmitters with no possible health effects. 

So what should I do if RF transmitters are present on an upcoming jobsite?
Request a copy of the site survey from the building owner or manager.  This survey should detail where employees can work safely with no exposure, and areas that may exceed the exposure limit.  Often, building owners and managers may only have the data on a specific antenna rather than the whole site.  

How Can Hettrick, Cyr and Associates Help?
•    Develop a company or site specific program
•    Develop a site specific survey
•    Can make you aware of "hot spots" that are present on the roof based upon an onsite evaluation.
•    Develop a site map or blueprint entailing the different exposures and permissible amount of time that can be worked in those areas
•    Conduct RF training for employees

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