Supported Scaffolding User Training Course

Supported Scaffolding User Training Course

Roofing contractors utilize scaffolding more often than they may realize. From stair towers, fabricated frames, ladder jacks, and more. Scaffolding is something our employees are going to run into from time to time. OSHA requires all employees utilizing a scaffold to have USER TRAINING. This program provides employees the awareness they need to recognize scaffolding hazards before they lead to injury. Topics covered include:

•    Hazard Recognition

•    Key Inspection Points

•    Avoiding Electrical, Fall, and Falling Object Hazards

•    Proper Use of Scaffolds

•    Maximum Intended Load


Scaffolding systems may be worked off from or simply utilized to access your work area, either way, your employees must be scaffold user trained. Please note: this training does not qualify your employees to erect, alter or dismantle any scaffolding system. Additional training would be required to perform these operations.

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