Trucking and Transportation

Trucking and Transportation

Safety & Risk Management:

Written Vehicle Use Policy Development – HC&A will review your current Vehicle Use Policy, or develop a new one providing structure and accountability for this significant area of exposure.

National Safety Council Defensive Driving Program – HC&A currently offers the National Safety Council's 2-hour Defensive Driver Course for the Professional Truck Driver (DDC-PTD). Training focuses on key areas such as driver responsibility, fatigue, stopping & following distance, tailgating, and more. Participants will receive a certificate from the National Safety Council.

Driver Safety Meetings – HC&A will facilitate periodic driver safety meetings and provide brief training presentations covering key items pulled from the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course material.

Driver Ride Alongs & Vehicle Observation Program – HC&A will accompany your drivers (or in some cases observe while following without their knowledge) during their operations and evaluate their driving tendencies, operational hazards such as loading and unloading, delivery locations, material handling, etc.

DOT Compliance Services:

Performance Reviews – A concise audit of a company’s records, practices and procedures as a means of quickly identifying compliance issues related to the State and Federal regulations, followed by a discussion with management to report on any issues discovered.

Comprehensive Compliance Review – A systematic review of the company’s records, practices and procedures, to determine the overall degree of compliance with the Federal and State regulations associated with Driver Compliance, Hours-of-Service, Drug Testing, Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, Daily Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and all pertinent record keeping. This review is followed up with a detailed report of findings as well as recommendations to correct any issues discovered. Management is encouraged to be involved during this process as it also serves as an educational training session.

Driver Training – Classroom instruction and employee training in any of the following areas:

•    Hours-of-Service (log books)
•    Pre-trip Inspection / DVIR
•    Vehicle Inspection (maintenance staff)
•    HM-126 (required every 3 years)
•    Recordkeeping (administrative staff)

DOT Audit Intervention – We can assist a company facing a government audit by providing assistance with pre-audit preparation. Furthermore, we can help interpret DOT findings and spearhead the development of corrective actions and the preparation of a Safety Management Plan that will be required by DOT.

Spot-checks – Complete a random mechanical inspection of a small percentage of the company fleet, to gain a sampling of the general mechanical condition of the fleet.

Equipment Audits – A more in-depth mechanical inspection of the company fleet to identify defects and expose problems with the company’s Preventative Maintenance Program.

Preventative Maintenance Program Overhaul – Using information from all of the above, we will provide the customer with a detailed PM program, customized around the company’s size, staffing and resources.

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